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Lex The Label

The Angelic Reminder Beaded Bracelet

The Angelic Reminder Beaded Bracelet

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4mm / 2mm Beads! 18k Gold Plated, Stainless Steel ! Made for an everyday wear. Stack your wrists in true DIVINITY! Here’s how this bracelet got it’s name. Between every 4mm bead is (3) 2mm beads. I googled “ What is the number 3 significance” Then got a little teary eyed when google said “The number three is an angel number and it’s a reminder that you are surrounded by love and support. Pay attention to what the angels are trying to tell you when you see this number. The number 3 is often a clear sign of encouragement and support. Have faith and trust that everything is happening for your highest good. Remember, you have all the creativity and enthusiasm you need to make your dreams a reality. So go out and pursue your passions! Pay attention to this number when it appears in your life, and be open to the guidance that it has to offer. Your spiritual masters are always with you, ready to support you on your journey. So trust that you are exactly where you are meant to be. Everything is happening for a reason. Thank your angels for their guidance, and have faith that everything is unfolding perfectly.” This bracelet has such a profound meaning & is so special to me as I am launching it the day before Lex The Label’s first year anniversary. No doubt in my mind this is exactly where I am meant to be in this exact moment. This journey is so beautiful. 

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